Choose the Experience Best For You!

No matter how you choose to experience the Biz Women Rock Retreat, the following ammenities and features are included for everyone...

  • Healthy, delicious meals created by our own private chef
  • A luxurious 9 bedroom mansion in Orlando, Florida
  • A beautiful pool & soothing hot tub
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions
  • Massages by Katie's personal favorite massage therapist
  • Reiki sessions by the Intuitive Woman, Tina Conroy
  • Workbook and all Retreat materials
  • Friday Kickoff Party
  • Sunday Closing Ceremonies

Additional ammenities and luxuries are available to you as a VIP, like...

  • Your own private bedroom with a King bed (only 5 now available) or
  • Your own dedicated bed at the Mansion (only 9 now available)
  • Pajama masterminds, wine laughing sessions, morning yoga, late night hot tub brainstorms, bedtime stories and all the good stuff that comes with 15 women living in a mansion for a weekend!
  • Private 1on1 strategy time with Katie

We've created a variety of ways you can experience the Biz Women Rock choose the one that works best for you!

The VIP Experience + Your Own Private Bedroom!

The VIP Experience!

The General Day Pass Experience!

Nicole Carver - Founder, Carver Concierge  

I have taken away a room full of business women that will remain my friends and a strategic plan to move me into 2017 and beyond.  

Julie Ashlock – Founder, MBJ Health & Regional Director, IDLife  

This retreat has provided me with so many great ideas and put into a system plans that I know I needed to do, but didn’t know how to do it and didn’t have a plan for doing it.  

Nina McNeil - Founder, Thrive Street Eats 

The fact that we were able to apply it, tweak it, get ideas and brainstorm about it—that hands down made this very successful.  

Jerri Menaul – Founder, Menaul Art 

People had ideas that I hadn’t thought of. People took my ideas and really validated them. Some people were able to take that idea and jump one more and that’s very useful.  


Where do I fly in? Fly into Orlando International Airport. You can easily catch an Uber to the Mansion for rates ranging from $25-$45.  

What kind of food will you have? Our personal chef creates healthy and delicious meals fit for everyone! We promise you will feel great and fulfilled by all the meals! Once you register, you'll have the chance to communicate any food allergies and preferences that we will make sure to accommodate (pssst...I'm vegan and last year, there were amazing vegan quinoa enchiladas! We can handle anything!).  

What if I'm barely getting my business off the ground? The Biz Women Rock Retreat is ideal for you if you already have a working business model (i.e. you make money selling products or services). We've had attendees who were in their first few months of business and attendees who have been in business for decades!  

Does my business have to be a certain size in order to get value out of the Retreat experience? The beauty of the Biz Women Rock Retreat is that the core work is individually driven. This is all about YOU and YOUR VISION and YOUR GOALS. We've had women who were bringing in $50k/year and women who were bringing in $3 million/year all in the same room, doing the same work and collaborating with one another to do it better. Whether you are a solopreneur or you have a team of 50, this Retreat will guide you through the personal work of discovering what you really want to achieve for yourself and your business in the next year and give you an action plan on how to do that effectively!  

I'm an introvert. This sounds like exactly what I need, but I'm a bit nervous to live in a house for a weekend with a bunch of women I don't know! I get it. But don't worry. I have been running live events for over 20 years and making everyone feel comfortable with each other is a skill I have practiced a lot! You do have the opportunity to enjoy your own private bedroom, should you choose that option, which would give you a safe space to re-energize when needed. And the Mansion has plenty of "hide-a-away" areas should you need them! Additionally, I always deliberately engineer ways for you to get to know your fellow attendee better throughout the weekend that feels natural and easy!  

Do I have to stay at the Mansion? Or can I just come for the Sessions? No, you do not have to stay at the Mansion, but can still get all the great stuff from the Retreat! The General Day Pass will give you access to most everything, minus the stay at the Mansion. It's a great option if you're local to Orlando and have a family or have other obligations that prevent you from being there overnight.