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WHY Are You Going After That Big Goal?

WHY Are You Going After That Big Goal?


Yesterday I had the privilege of providing a 3 Hour Intensive Strategy Session for one of my awesome community members and we started the session going over some of her big goals for 2018.


One of them was a revenue goal…and it was a “stretch” goal (a goal that is a bit out of reach according to your history and where you are now, but forces you to really stretch in order to hit it!).  


Now, I am ALL about setting big, stretch goals (I kinda default into them pretty easily), but when she stated it out loud and talked me through it, I paused for a moment and, instead of diving into the creative strategies she could implement in order to hit that goal, I asked her one question:


Why do you want to hit that goal?  Why that number?


She paused.  And for a quick second, her eyes grew wider while she searched for an answer.  


“I don’t know,” she stated.  And then slowly talked me through the reasoning she had for creating that number.


Which came down to this: she thought that’s the number the “should” be next for her.


What’s one of your big goals for 2018?  


WHY do you want to reach it?


What does it mean for your business if you achieve that goal?


How will you feel when you hit that goal?


Who are the people (clients, customers, team members) who get impacted positively when you achieve that goal?


These are all questions to ask yourself every single time you create a goal because otherwise, we ambitious women entrepreneurs end up defaulting into creating a goal just because we “should” hit it or because it has gotten in our head somehow (by looking at others in our industry, perhaps?) that it’s the right goal for us.


When the reality is, it may just be a goal with no soul (hey, that’s a snappy phrase, eh?).  With no purpose behind it.  


It’s just an empty milestone!


And if you set up goals like that “just because,” I can almost guarantee you will not achieve them…and more than that, you’ll be quite miserable along the journey of trying to get there!


Once you ask yourself your WHY behind your goal, you may consider a new goal – or creating a variation of your goal that allows your focus to be meaningful to you as you embark on your journey to achieve it.  


For example…


When my client realized there was little soul behind her goal, I gave her the suggestion of creating a goal of X amount of CUSTOMERS for the year.  


Doing this would naturally translate into X amount of dollars, but choosing the goal of CUSTOMERS for her would help her focus all her energy and efforts on THE PEOPLE who were being impacted by her products.


So, when she implemented marketing plans, while she would be aware of the dollars that came in, her key indicators would be the PEOPLE – the number of people who chose to get on her email list, the number of people who commented on a post of hers, the number of people who visited her store, the number of people who purchased her goods.  


Subtle difference, right?  


But it completely changes her approach every single day!


And it gives her a very real WHY!


So, my challenge to you is to look back at those big goals you created for 2018 and ask yourself WHY you want to achieve them.  And if you hesitate on any of them, consider shaking things up a bit and see how it fits!


You have BIG THINGS to do this year, girl…and I’m ridiculously excited for your journey!






PS: If you haven’t already, you can still download the 2018 Success Kit HERE!  It’s totally FREE and it’ll help you get some clarity around what goals you want to hit this year and how to go after them with all you’ve got!  Here’s to your best year yet!!


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