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How I Lost All My Baby Weight (+ Another 10lbs)



I know this isn’t my usual topic of conversation, but when I was thinking about my health and fitness, I realized that how I approached this “post baby weight” thing that so many mommies struggle with could be tremendously helpful for you!  Whether it has to do with your weight or anything that you REALLY want to GO FOR in your life!


So, here’s the quick back story…


When I got pregnant in early 2015, I was in decent shape.  I worked out.  I ate pretty well.  But I wouldn’t say I was focused in on anything more than maintenance.  One day I would get intensely determined to get more fit, go after those 6 pack abs, eat 100% clean and vegan and would make sure to have a super hard workout that day to ensure I felt how serious I was about it!  Two days later, I would completely forget about that determination and find myself “too busy” for a workout and indulging in some extra sweets. (Sound familiar?) 🙂


Then, I got pregnant.  Yeah!!!!  And during those 40 weeks, I let myself stay in this hazy zone and it worked really well for me! I kept working out in ways that felt good without pushing myself too hard and ate relatively well, but allowed for cravings (ah! the donuts!) and grace for whatever it was I felt like I needed during that time.


Then, the countdown of my daughter’s birth and my life afterwards became a lot more real.


It was just a few weeks before her due date and I realized that I had NO DESIRE to go through the massive challenge that was the “post baby weight blues.”  I’ve had way too many friends and sisters describe that road and I wanted to avoid it at all costs!


So, I did what I do best…


I made a DECISION to do something.


I came up with a PLAN that would help me succeed in accomplishing it.


I found the SUPPORT I would need to help me when that plan wasn’t working.


Here’s what that looked like…


Just before my daughter was born, I DECIDED I would get into the best shape of my life afterward.


Once I made that decision, I knew there was no going back…that I had to make that a reality.  So, I searched for the HOW.


The only thing I knew was that I would need some sort of a program, some sort of super easy way to incorporate workouts that got results back into my life.  And it couldn’t mean being at the gym for hours…as a matter of fact, I knew it meant I didn’t want to go to the gym at all (seriously, the logistics of leaving the house with a newborn is crazy…I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to have the stars line up in order for me to actually work out!).  I needed workouts that were quick and easy to access from my house.


And I knew that I needed some sort of eating guide.  Yes, I was incredibly educated about nutrition by this point in my life, but I knew that leaning on a tried-and-true eating program would save me the mental responsibility for creating one for myself…again…I needed it to be EASY.


So, I reached out my cousin, who is an amazing Beach Body coach and got all set up with 30 minute workouts I could access from my computer and a meal plan I could easily follow.


And then…


I did THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of this whole thing that was the catalyst for me accomplishing my goal.


I committed to it for 7 Days.  


Now, you might be thinking…Katie, there’s no way you got into the best shape of your life in 7 days.  


You’re right.  I don’t mean that I only did this for 7 days, I mean that I KICKSTARTED my entire post-baby transformation with a short-term, totally DOABLE SPRINT.


For just 7 days, I focused entirely on following this program I knew would get me towards my goal of being in the best shape of my life!


Because I needed a BOOST to get the whole thing started!


Because I needed to trust my promise to myself that I would actually do it!


Because I needed something short term and digestible to concentrate on so I didn’t get overwhelmed!


Because it was SO important to me to follow through with something I said was so important!


Sixteen months later, I’m happy to report that my pre-baby clothes are way too big and that I feel so damn good about my body!  I completely side-stepped that whole “post baby body blues” stage!


My purpose in telling you this is so you can tap into the SAME TOOL I used to take something that seems SO BIG to you right now and use it to kickstart you into the direction you know you’re meant to go!


Maybe you…


Have a giant revenue goal you want to hit in 2017!


Want to get started on that new part of your business that is HUGE!


Want to make 2017 the year when you have a stable and sustainable business!


Have BIG DREAMS to take your successful business to the NEXT STRATOSPHERE!


Or, maybe you want to…


Create more great emails, videos, articles or podcasts on a regular basis!


Organize your business systems so you can put more automation into your business!


Have a constant flow of clients and customers begging for what you have to offer!


Establish a better schedule for yourself so you can get MORE DONE in LESS TIME!


Whatever it is, using the SUPER FOCUS of short term sprints can get you there FAST!


What you focus on with intention, you manifest with ease.  


Power to the short term sprints!!


~ Katie


PS: If you’re READY to kickstart something in your business, ready to put your full focus and intention on it for just 7 DAYS, then join me for your very own 7 DAY HUSTLE CHALLENGE!!!


The 7 DAY HUSTLE CHALLENGES begins with a 25 minute strategy session with me so we can create a customized sprint for you!!  Then, over the course of the next 7 days, you COMMIT to your challenge while I’m here to support you 100% through daily accountability and check ins!


You also get access to a few tools that can boost your success!


* My Daily Priority List worksheet so you know exactly what to do every day!

* My Master Your Schedule Video Training so you can have everything you need to make time for everything you want!
* My personal morning routine blueprint that will set you up for success every single day!


This is not a group program…it is 100% YOU kicking butt at your CUSTOM-MADE 7 DAY HUSTLE CHALLENGE!!!


Yes, I’m IN!


The 7 DAY HUSTLE CHALLENGE is only available until THIS THURSDAY, FEB 16th, so REGISTER TODAY to secure your spot!


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