Meet Your Host...

Hi, I'm Katie and I love helping women entrepreneurs just like you grow businesses they LOVE! Ever since I jumped into my first business venture in 2009, I have come to see our businesses as vehicles to design lives of freedom, purpose and adventure! The Biz Women Rock Retreat is where we come together to proactively create the businesses we want in the coming year and have a totally mind-blowing experience and a weekend of true pleasure! I can't wait for you to join me!

What's the Biz Women Rock Retreat All About?

The Biz Women Rock Retreat is your opportunity to focus on YOU for 3 days! How often do you have uninterrupted time to fully envision what you want your business to BE, the RESULTS you want it to produce and strategize on HOW to make it all happen?

The Biz Women Rock Retreat is the perfect combination of intensive exercises, group masterminds, partner shares, goal setting, annual planning, accountability and FUN! Throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Katie will lead you through strategic exercises that will assist you in solidifying your 2018 business vision, extract SMART goals that will pave the way to your success, create a doable action plan that proactively drives your scheduled activities for the year and glues you together with an intimate group of business women who can join your 2018 Success Team!

Weaved throughout the weekend are opportunities for you to indulge in massages, Reiki sessions, and pool & hot tub time! Yes, we'll be working, but also truly giving ourselves a retreat! 

  • This is NOT annual planning. (We’re creating something so much more powerful than a "business plan!")  
  • This is NOT a conference. (There isn’t a long line-up of speakers or hundreds of other attendees.)  
  • This is NOT group coaching. (It’s so much more!)  
  • This is an INTENSIVE, FOCUSED retreat that will walk you through ENVISIONING what you want your business to look like at the end of 2018, creating a realistic ACTION PLAN that will help you get there and leveraging the support and wisdom of your fellow attendees to ensure you follow through! 

Watch the Video Below to Get an Inside Look for Yourself!

Who Is This For?

This Retreat experience is ideal for you if you're HUNGRY to see real growth in your business! If you're tired of the HUSTLE that seems to leave you burnt out and frustrated. True business growth comes from the inside out, so if you're ready to get clear about what you REALLY want in your life and how your business can be a powerful vehicle for you to achieve it, then the Biz Women Rock Retreat was designed for you! Maybe you want to hit your first $100k year. Maybe you want to consistently bring in $100k/mo. Maybe you want to keep your business running successfully while you have kids and grow your family. Maybe you want to use your business to travel all over the world. Maybe you only want to work 3 days each week. Whatever ideas you have, the Biz Women Rock Retreat will help you solidify your vision, help you create real strategies to implement and set you up to soar in 2018! 

Why Should You Attend?

Because you want MORE

Because you don't want to waste precious time, energy and money figuring things out on your want to speed up your growth! Because you believe you can truly have the life you dream of but you need support from other savvy business women and the strategies to help you manifest it, piece by piece. Because you deserve a weekend designed FOR YOU...a weekend that will give you the time and space to be creative and play and organize and plan! (When do you ever take the time to do all that!)

Because you know that spending time IN PERSON with other amazing women who are in this entrepreneurial game is priceless and is so fulfilling! To share laughs, intense ideas, hugs and awesome food fills you in a way that only a true sisterhood can!

Because you know you need support. You need help planning. Organizing. Strategizing. Creating. Envisioning. You need help as you are on this road to Master your business! 

Why is the Retreat So Special?

When was the last time you took out dedicated time to work ON your business? When you weren't getting interrupted by your kids or spouse or the always-present to-do list calling your name? 

The Biz Women Rock Retreat is special because it takes you out of your daily routine and environment and gives you the opportunity to participate in a powerful experience with your fellow women entrepreneurs so you can grow a business you truly LOVE! By combining education, masterminds, group exercises, hot seats, and mindset and visioning exercises, you'll have the practical tools at hand to create an actionable plan for your next phase of business growth!

The glue of the entire experience is the quality time with your fellow attendees, which is why creative group exercises and plenty of informal times to connect are weaved in throughout the weekend! 

And, of course, the self-care. Yes, we're going to WORK but you work hard, so I want to make sure you get some love! Massages, pool and hot tub access, healthy and yummy food prepared by a private chef, Reiki's all there, just for you...


Get ready for an entire weekend of AWESOMENESS! 

Friday, Dec 1:

12:00pm: VIP Welcome

1:00pm: VIP Lunch

4:00pm: Welcoming Ceremonies for all attendees

7:00pm: Group Dinner

Saturday, Dec 2:

9:00am-5:00pm: Session

7:00pm: Group Dinner

9:00pm: VIP Mastermind

Sunday, Dec 3:

9:00am-1:00pm: Session

1:30pm: Lunch & Closing Ceremony

**Agenda is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Tina Conroy 

is an Intuitive/Medium, Yoga Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. Her passion is to empower women to tune into their intuition to gain clarity, confidence and trust in their inner wisdom to build the life they want. She is thrilled to be a part of The Biz Women Rock Retreat in 2017. As an active community member in Biz Women Rock’s Academy as well as Katie’s Mastermind, she knows how valuable it is to “show-up” for ourselves in business and personally. Tina will be sharing the gift of Reiki Individual treatments to guests, as well as daily yoga and meditation at the 2017 Biz Women Rock Retreat!

The Retreat Mansion

Located in Orlando, FL the Retreat Mansion is a 9 Bed Luxury Executive Villa, Complete with a Pool, Spa and a Game Room! 

What Previous Attendees Have to Say... 

Maree Walden Mac Guinness - Smart Womens Network

I came from Australia, spending the money to come here was worth every single cent. What I found for my business was I could really get it off the ground with all the information Katie provided me, and the exercises were awesome.

Dianne Allen - Founder & President, Visions Applied

The Biz Women Rock Retreat set me up for the next year perfectly. I learned so many things about systems, marketing, and strategies that I either knew little about or didn’t know anything about.  

The collection of really intelligent women led by Katie made it so that I could take all of my vision and all of my passion for serving and helping people and turn it into something that was manageable, with a strategy that was easy for me to wrap my mind around.

Judi Snyder - CeFT Founder of Downsized and Dumbfounded 

Being around amazing, powerful women that are from all different industries really gives you a different perspective and different ideas that you’re not thinking of because you're mired in your own industry.  

Carole Gill – Founder, CRG Coaching Partners 

I think that the energy we all bring to each other in a very sharing environment is just unbelievable. Katie does a really great job of creating a safe environment for everyone to feel very open and trusting with each other.

Ronica Richardson - CEO, Elegance Cleaning Service 

The most important thing I got out of the event was some focus. That was really important to me, to drill down and fix some of the processes that needed to be fixed.



Where do I fly in? Fly into Orlando International Airport. You can easily catch an Uber to the Mansion for rates ranging from $25-$45.  

What kind of food will you have? Our personal chef creates healthy and delicious meals fit for everyone! We promise you will feel great and fulfilled by all the meals! Once you register, you'll have the chance to communicate any food allergies and preferences that we will make sure to accommodate (pssst...I'm vegan and last year, there were amazing vegan quinoa enchiladas! We can handle anything!).  

What if I'm barely getting my business off the ground? The Biz Women Rock Retreat is ideal for you if you already have a working business model (i.e. you make money selling products or services). We've had attendees who were in their first few months of business and attendees who have been in business for decades!  

Does my business have to be a certain size in order to get value out of the Retreat experience? The beauty of the Biz Women Rock Retreat is that the core work is individually driven. This is all about YOU and YOUR VISION and YOUR GOALS. We've had women who were bringing in $50k/year and women who were bringing in $3 million/year all in the same room, doing the same work and collaborating with one another to do it better. Whether you are a solopreneur or you have a team of 50, this Retreat will guide you through the personal work of discovering what you really want to achieve for yourself and your business in the next year and give you an action plan on how to do that effectively!  

I'm an introvert. This sounds like exactly what I need, but I'm a bit nervous to live in a house for a weekend with a bunch of women I don't know! I get it. But don't worry. I have been running live events for over 20 years and making everyone feel comfortable with each other is a skill I have practiced a lot! You do have the opportunity to enjoy your own private bedroom, should you choose that option, which would give you a safe space to re-energize when needed. And the Mansion has plenty of "hide-a-away" areas should you need them! Additionally, I always deliberately engineer ways for you to get to know your fellow attendee better throughout the weekend that feels natural and easy!  

Do I have to stay at the Mansion? Or can I just come for the Sessions? No, you do not have to stay at the Mansion, but can still get all the great stuff from the Retreat! The General Day Pass will give you access to most everything, minus the stay at the Mansion. It's a great option if you're local to Orlando and have a family or have other obligations that prevent you from being there overnight.