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Biz Women Rock!

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laptop-943559_1280 10 Tips for Women in Business to Achieve Their Goals - Goals help you map out events so that you can achieve what you want in life and business. They can also give you focus, which increases your chances for success. When you achieve one of your business goals, it empowers you, giving you the momentum to become more successful. Momentum is a key element for […]
14956943-1444350353-640x360 Back to Business: Five tips for women restarting career - By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall  A career change can be daunting for anybody. It can be an especially intimidating task for women who have been out of the workforce for five, 10 or 20 years to care for children or aging parents.  About 43 percent of highly qualified women take a career break at some point. […]
person-801829_640 Seven Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Seven Tips for Women Entrepreneurs - Start-up tips for female business owners. More women than ever before are grabbing the reins and starting their own businesses. The number of women-owned small businesses is growing approximately twice as quickly as the national average for all start-ups. Despite some long-held and inaccurate stereotypes of women tending towards makeup sales or Beanie Baby businesses, […]
large8 10 Timeless Business Tips From 10 Successful Women - written by Britany Powell We all like to forge our own paths through life, but why make mistakes that have already been made by somebody else?  Experienced people are called wise owls for a reason…they are wise and can probably share a few handy tips.  What to do and what not to do; they’ll tell […]
woman-traveling-660x370 25 Travel Safety Tips for Women Business Travelers - by Rieva Lesonsky While business travel has gotten safer and easier for female travelers, women traveling alone still need to take some special precautions on the road to protect themselves (as well as their belongings). Travel Safety Tips for Women How to Pack 1. Travel Light and Cheap Carrying heavy bags not only weighs you down, but […]
getty_461555409_9706689704500133_52914 5 Tips for Women on Getting Ahead in Business -  BY: CHRISTINA DESMARAIS, Contributor, Inc.com Take it from this successful CEO–you can’t have everything. But you can be smart about your choices.   According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, two-thirds of women and nearly half of men say females face some discrimination when it comes to getting ahead inbusiness. There’s always the interesting question […]
Jessica Rhodes BWR 218: The Impact of Content Marketing [and How to Do It So It’s Not Overwhelming!] With Jessica Rhodes -   How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS? Listen to our Interview with Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections to Find Out! Jessica Rhodes started her business when she found out she was pregnant (who does that?!).    She knew she wanted to be a stay at home mom, so she figured out a way to […]
Four tips for ambitious and disruptive women - Stay positive, keep focused and collaborate. Disruption: do women do it differently? We assembled a panel at a gathering of MT’s 35 Women Under 35 network last night to address that very question. The lineup included Cilla Snowball, boss of leading ad agency AMV BBDO and Smruti Sriram the CEO of fabric bag manufacturer Supreme […]
kegan-schouwenburg 39 of the coolest startups founded by women - BY: Maya Kosoff Women may be underrepresented throughout the tech sector, but they’re still building some incredible startups, apps, and products. The folks over at Product Hunt have created and curated a collection of the best startups and products founded by inspiring women. VCs, entrepreneurs, and Product Hunt members have all weighed in on their favorites. From […]
4 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs From Around the World - Image credit: qualcomm BY: REBEKAH ILIFF Entrepreneurship is a hot topic these days. Countless articles and books have been written about it, entire university curricula have been built upon its precepts and success stories touting billionnaires who went from “zero to hero” infiltrate our newsfeeds and status updates. Furthermore, entrepreneurship is no longer reserved for those […]

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