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ID-100117645 A Day In The Life of a Podcaster: How Do I Monetize My Podcast? - I can’t say that podcasting was my idea.  Like most brilliant business events that happen in my life, it started in the always-innovating-idea-factory that is my husband’s brain.  I did have the idea that I wanted to do something BIGGER than what I had been doing…something that impacted millions and something that would give me […]
Portrait of pretty young woman working on laptop while sitting on sofa at home 6 Online Tools For Female Entrepreneurs To Work From Home - By Sameer Bhatia Women who work from home can use online tools for female entrepreneurs to help grow their business, and take the struggle out of managing their business and their daily lives. More and more women are leaving university and moving directly into starting their own business, and evidence suggests that this number will […]
getty_176716820_60951 8 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With Toxic People - By Drew Hendricks Toxic people poison those around them, and gain satisfaction from creating disorganization and a stressful atmosphere. Life is stressful enough for most of us. Allowing a toxic individual to ravage your immediate environment can cause havoc in your mental well-being, which can lead to physical challenges. A bad state of mind not […]
Build a Trusting, Long-Term Relationship with Your Support Person or Team - Written by Pam Christie of Christie and Associates How important is your Executive Assistant or Project Manager to the stability and growth of your business? Do they manage as much, if not more, than you do? In many cases, they are the glue that holds it all together….as long as there is a trusting relationship in place! […]
d e v e l o p m e n T 5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Share Their Story - By Sarah Cannata It’s now been four months since I took the plunge and decided to drive my own professional writing business. So how would I describe my past four months in business? I’ll be honest: it’s been a period of lessons. From learning how to network well, to figuring out my ideal client, to […]
20150727200549-book-in-a-box-logo-4 The 4 Steps a Startup Used to ‘Book’ $200K in 2 Months - By Andrew Medal Within the first two months of launching, Book in a Box generated $200,000. That’s impressive growth for any company, let alone a company that just started. Book in a Box helps anyone write a book, without actually writing a word. Interesting, right? First off, I love reading the backstory of startups because […]
IMG_8173 How to Take the Train to Podcast Movement for $1.25 - So when we heard there was an easy train that would take us from DFW airport to right in front of the Omni, we figured we’d have an adventure and do it! It’s a great way to travel if you’re… 1. Not overwhelmed by multiple travel stops. 2. On a budget (it’s just $1.25 per […]
20150722170257-online-marketing-research-workspace The Holy Grail of Startup Marketing: Search, Social and Content - By Rahul Varshneya Where do you start, with marketing, when you’re about to launch your product or service? This is possibly the most asked question when it comes to startup marketing, and one Guy Kawasaki once famously weighed in on, saying, “Sales fixes everything.” Certainly, in today’s context, that’s true: Sales is about driving inbound leads to your business. […]
20150318170008-piggy-bank-money-saving-savings-save-money 4 Habits of Millionaires That Work for Everyone - By Timothy Sykes   I’m humbled that my career as a penny stock trader has helped earn me the title “millionaire,” and I’m even more blown away to count two of my students among the ranks of this elite club. Having worked my way up from a few thousand dollars in bar mitzvah money to […]
Facebook Announces Secret Videos for Publishers: This Week in Social Media - By Cindy King Facebook Announces Secret Videos for Publishers “Secret videos give Page owners the ability to upload videos that are accessible only via a direct URL, but which are not searchable for people on Facebook. This is useful for publishers who want to host videos on Facebook, embed them on third-party sites or share […]

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