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The MOMPRENEUR SERIES is HERE!  Enjoy the shows!

Mompreneur Series

Top Strategies That Make My Life as a Mompreneur Work: A Special Kickoff to the Mompreneur Series


This is a special solo episode where I get to officially kick off the Mompreneur Series!  I do this by sharing with you a bit about my journey as a mompreneur and mostly the strategies and tricks I use to make my life as an entrepreneur and mom work! READ MORE HERE…




Episode 291-revised

Business After Maternity Leave with Lizz Torgovnick of Sequence Events

I had the pleasure of meeting Lizz Torgovnick when she became a coaching client of mine in the summer of 2016.  She was just stepping back into her company after giving birth to her first baby, Rosie.  Lizz and her two partners own Sequence Events, an events productions company that specializes in creating memorable experiences for their clients through amazing events. READ MORE HERE




Hacks to Manage 5 Kids and a Thriving Business with Kirsten Oliphant of Create If Writing

When I reached out to Kirsten to feature her on this Mompreneur Series, I joked with her that the title of her episode would be Five F*&#^@g Kids and a Business!  Now, obviously, I changed the title to be a bit more appropriate, but that’s pretty much what we’re discussing in this interview.  Kirsten Oliphant is the owner of Create If Writing, a podcast and business that provides education and resources to writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to build their online following and make money through their writing. READ MORE HERE




Episode 293-Maria Dismondy

How to Be a Full Time Mommy and Have a Thriving Business with Author Maria Dismondy

I think I subconsciously created this Mompreneur Series because of Maria Dismondy.  She’s been a dear friend of mine ever since we were in a mastermind together in 2015.  We’re currently accountability partners, so I have the advantage of having an intimate view of how Maria manages her business and her kids and I always stand in awe. READ MORE HERE




Episode 294-Chelsie Lamie

A Baby, a Toddler, a Brand New Law Practice and a Baby Friendly Office with Attorney Chelsie Lamie

You may initially think Chelsie Lamie, Personal Injury Attorney was crazy for opening up her private practice when her youngest son was just 6 months old and her older son was a toddler.   But after listening to this podcast episode, you’ll understand that she is actually quite brilliant.  As the sole income provider for her family of four, she definitely had a lot of fear, but ended her first year in business very successfully! READ MORE HERE!




Episode 295-Carissa Hill

Mastering the Mompreneur Mindset with Carissa Hill

I think I officially fell in love with Carissa Hill during this interview.  I had the pleasure of meeting Carissa at Podfest Multimedia Expo in February 2017 and I immediately knew that I had to know her and bring her to you.  Carissa is a genius at using Facebook to significantly grow your business and she teaches her results-driven strategies to clients and students all around the world through her courses. READ MORE HERE!


Episode 296-Michelle Evans

Conversations and Agreements with Your Spouse and How It Impacts Your Mompreneur Life with Michelle Evans

This conversation definitely went into an unexpected place.  But a very necessary one that we haven’t yet addressed on this series!  Michelle and I end up talking quite openly about the conversations and agreements we have with our spouses that help us make our lives as mompreneurs work! READ MORE HERE!




Mompreneur Series - Katie

4 Ways the Mompreneur Series Changed How I Approach My Business & My Daughter + Stories from You!

This episode is concluding our Mompreneur Series!  (Except for the BONUS episode with Denise Duffield-Thomas who will be my guest next week…mompreneur scheduling ;)).  I’m so excited to share with you the 4 (+ 1 bonus) ways this series has directly impacted how I show up to my business and my daughter.  And, the last half of the show features incredible mompreneur stories from your fellow Biz WomenRock community members!  I promise you, you will be touched! READ MORE HERE!




Episode 298-Denise Duffield

The Truth Behind the Pull of the Mompreneur with Denise Duffield-Thomas of Lucky Bitch

I promise you, you will feel like you’re sitting down with Denise and I during this incredibly REAL (and explicit…raw language included) conversation about her experience as a Mompreneur. Denise is the creator of Lucky Bitch, a company that provides education and support to women who want to break through their money blocks and experience financial abundance in their lives. READ MORE HERE

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