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1on1 Facebook Group Strategy Session

1on1 FBG Strategy Session


One of the most common requests I get from current Facebook Group leaders and those who want to start their Facebook Groups is Katie, can I just pick your brain 1on1 about my Group (or Group idea)?  


I realize that sometimes, you may just need someone to take a look at your individual situation and help you sort out the details and give you a plan of action that all of a sudden makes everything seem so…easy…and achievable!


And because I get this so frequently, I decided to open up a few spots for personalized 1on1 Facebook Group Strategy Sessions, specifically to help YOU hone in your Facebook Group for your business!


During our 1 hour session, we can…

  • Identify how your Facebook Group best fits into your business model (make sure it’s working in harmony with all the other moving parts of your business!).
  • Design a Group launch strategy that is effective and ensures your Group starts with a bang!
  • Brainstorm on creative ways to engage your members; strategies that are unique to your niche and the needs of your members!
  • Create an easy-to-follow monetization plan that will ensure you see the results of your Facebook Group efforts!
  • Answer any questions you may have that will help you clarify the purpose of your Group and the impact you want it to have!


In addition to my online course Facebook Groups Rock, a 1on1 Facebook Group Strategy Session is a powerful tool to fuel your business!


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