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Katie Krimitsos

I Had an Eating Disorder…

I was recently interviewed on the Weight Loss Nation podcast and as I was telling the story of my health journey, I shared that I developed a pretty bad eating disorder in my 20’s (you can listen to the entire interview HERE that will explain why and tell you the whole story).… Read the rest

You Can’t Do This Alone

Business, just like life, is not a solo sport.

It requires you talk to people. It requires you brainstorm with others. It requires you share the intimate parts of your business ideas with other people, leaving yourself open to ideas, critiques and suggestions.… Read the rest

The ONLY Reason You Should STOP Your Progress

You never turn it off. Your mind is constantly thinking about growth. It’s exciting to you. You enjoy this ride. You are obsessed with…

  • attracting more clients

  • building out your team

  • making more money

  • building your community

  • streamlining your business

Which is why you would think I’m crazy if I told you to STOP.… Read the rest

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