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Biz Women Rock Elite

This is for the ACTION-TAKERS.

The hustlers.  

The dreamers.

The women who see their businesses as vehicles to LIVE BIG in this world!

The women who want MORE – more financial freedom, more personal growth, more reach, more impact, more organization, more connections…more everything!

The women who want to have it all…and are crazy enough to believe they CAN!

The women who are building a purpose-driven business!


They are your sisters in business…full of drive to grow a business in meaningful and bold ways!  Flush with a desire to be around other action-takers who raise them up!  Hungry for easily digestible education that will feed them when they need it!

And that’s why I created the Biz Women Rock Elite.

…Because you get that spending time learning from the experts and your fellow biz women is necessary in order for you to grow.

…Because you want your business to do great things for YOU and for those you serve!

…Because you need a place where your “crazy” dreams of building a 6 or 7 figure business or creating a movement or impacting millions of lives or running a business from your laptop from anywhere in the world isn’t thought of as crazy.  It’s embraced and celebrated and fed!

The ELITE Community is your home.  

In just a few weeks, the Elite membership is opening up its doors to a very specific type of business women.  It’s made for you if…

  • You have been in business long enough to have a working business model (you are generating revenue providing products or services).
  • You are driven to grow your profits so you can do BIGGER THINGS!
  • You want to scale your business in a way that is in line with your dream life, making it possible for your business to touch as many people as possible!
  • You LOVE what you do and want to create a sustainable business model so your hustle is directed and meaningful!
  • You see your business as a VEHICLE to do good in this world and you want to DO it efficiently, intelligently and powerfully every single day!
  • You are smart enough to know you don’t know it all and have much to learn from your peers and experts who can shorten your learning curve and improve your business journey!

You’re busy.  So, the Elite membership consists of only the best of the best education, connections and resources that can have a direct impact on the growth of you and your business!

Within the Biz Women Rock Elite, you’ll have access to…


Targeted education with experts who will share the how-to and strategies you need to know to stay innovative!  Education like Top 10 Must Have’s for a Website that Converts, Sales Pages that Get People to Buy, A Walk Through of a Phenomenal Sales Funnel, Training Your Mind to Think (and Act) BIG, Steps to Delegating Successfully to Your Current or Future Team, Hacks on How to Start Something New, Franchising & Licensing 101 and so on.  Our educators are the best in their fields and will bring you actionable information you can turn around and implement!


With your fellow members!  I am constantly in awe of the results your ACTIONS create and in the Elite, I’m showcasing this wisdom for you through intimate case studies!  These are super targeted interviews with your fellow business women about HOW they did something great and the RESULTS it produced.  Case studies like How to ROCK a Facebook Ad for Your Local Business, What It Takes to Grow From a 6 Figure to a 7 Figure Business, How to Get Paid Regularly to Speak, How to Hire & Train Great Employees and Contractors and so much more!  This is not necessarily your area of “expertise” that you teach others, but rather a focus on something you are doing for your own business that is rockin’ it that others could learn from!


Online Q&A forums, office hours and special “behind the scenes” broadcasts that are accessible only to members!  


These are helpful tools, worksheets & exercises that you can utilize to ROCK your business!  Don’t spend the time to re-create what others have already perfected.  Not only will you have access to my personal stash of tools and resources I use for my business (financial spreadsheets, process templates, priority list templates, etc.), but you’ll also get those tools that your peers and our master educators have created for their companies!  And you will have the chance to submit your most effective internal tools so others can benefit from them (hint hint: this is also a great way to get exposure in front of your fellow members!)


Connect with your fellow action-taking biz women in our private Facebook Group, where you can ask for feedback, source ideas, ask and share resources and keep updated on the latest happenings in the Elite community!  It’s your 24 hour access to your peer advisory board!


Where all the past Master Classes and Case Studies will be housed.  Can’t make it for the live Master Class or Case Study you really want to attend?  No problem!  It’s all recorded and saved for you within the ever-growing Video Library!  Access it from your phone to listen to while you’re in the car or watch it on your laptop at a time that’s convenient for you!


Once the founding members have been established within the Elite community, the Member Directory will be created as the MARKETPLACE that helps you connect with your fellow members easily and find resources they provide!  In need of someone do set up a Facebook Ad for you? Check the Member Directory!  Want to buy jewelry for a friend? Check out who sells jewelry in the Member Directory!  You get the jist.  

If this sound like exactly what you want, then jump on board NOW before the Founding Member registration window closes!  


I mean, seriously…if you’re in this business game for a reason…if you’re passionate about what you do and love growing your business (no matter how tough it is sometimes!), then the Biz Women Rock Elite was truly created just for you!


But Katie…I am BUSY.  I don’t need another thing to do or be a part of.

I know.  And I’m not here to deluge you with content you can’t keep up with.  Nor am I here to make you feel like you have yet another thing to add to your priority list.  You’re like every other incredible business woman I know…you literally use every minute of the day as effectively as possible.  That’s why the Master Classes and the Case Studies will rotate to create weekly content for you that you can either attend live or at your convenience since they’ll be recorded and saved to the Video Library.  And the Facebook Group is obviously open to you 24-7 as you need it!  You can be as active as you need when you need it.  If you’re anything like me, you dip into the resources you most love and the support you need when you need them most!

What Makes the Elite Community Different From Other Female Entrepreneur Memberships?

This is for established business women only.  Women who have a working business model and who are already entrepreneurs.  Or have owned a business in the past and may be starting something new.  Perhaps it means they’ve been doing the “side hustle” while working their day jobs and want to grow their businesses so it can be full time. Maybe it means they’ve been in business for a year or two and want to stabilize.  Maybe it means they’ve been running their company for a decade and are ready to take it into the stratosphere!  However it might look, the commonality is that you and your fellow members have LIVED this entrepreneurial life in some way, shape or form!  We don’t need to spend any time on the starting.  Only the growing.  Only the strategies.  Only the mindset for expanding!  And when you have a community of women who are LIVING and BREATHING business already, you immediately have access to ladies who get it…ladies who you can learn from and who would learn from you and who WANT to grow just like you!

If you want to be around other dreamers, other women who are on-fire about growing their businesses to live a purposeful, meaningful and powerful life, then become a Founding Member of the Biz Women Rock Elite before the doors close and the investment increases!


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