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How to Use Your Strengths to Strategically Grow Your Biz with Alissa Daire Nelson

 How to Use Your Strengths to Strategically Grow Your Biz with Alissa Daire Nelson


When I first found out that Alissa Daire Nelson was a coach who leveraged the Strengths Finder assessment to help her entrepreneur clients, I did a quiet little eye roll.  I had done that “personality test” before and even though it was interesting, I didn’t really get a lot out of it.  But after being a guest on her podcast – which forced me to take the test again – I was overwhelmed by how practical her analysis was and how easily it seemed to make things fit right into place.

Which is why I’m bringing her brilliance to you!  During this incredible interview, Alissa shares a bit about her business journey and how she ended up evolving into a strengths coach and why she fell in love with it as a tool to help others!  She then gives a quick description of Strengths Finder and what makes it so unique and finally, we do a deep dive into MY STRENGTHS ANALYSIS!  

I wanted you to see how practical this tool actually is, so I offer myself as a test dummy for your amusement. 😉  Alissa walks me through two of my biggest strengths and opens the doors to what they mean and – more importantly – how I can structure my business so I can produce maximum results!  

If you’ve done Strengths Finder before or if you’ve never heard of it, this episode will help you focus in on REAL WAYS you can take what you are naturally GREAT AT and make those strengths work FOR YOU in your business!


Alissa is giving you her book totally FREE!  

From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome: 4 Steps to Achieve the Success You’re Wired For

Download it for FREE HERE → http://daire2succeed.com/bizwomenrock

And here is where you can take the Strengths Finder (though I highly recommend you get an expert…like Alissa…to help you with the analysis and make it work for you!) → http://daire2succeed.com/profile

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