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LIVE COACHING: How To Differentiate Yourself From Everyone Else with Michelle Mosher of Southshore Insurance Professionals

 LIVE COACHING: How To Differentiate Yourself From Everyone Else with Michelle Mosher of Southshore Insurance Professionals


Michelle Mosher is the owner of Southshore Insurance Professionals.  Her company offers all types of insurance, including auto, home, flood, business, recreational, etc.  But her products are a commodity.  There are thousands of others like her who do exactly what she does, offer exactly what she does and who can give you, the person looking for the best price, the exact same quote.  


So, how does she differentiate herself from everyone else?  That’s what we’re discussing on today’s LIVE COACHING call.  I’m able to help Michelle get clarity around two very special things that make her different than everyone else and we then get to work brainstorming on ways to accentuate and GROW each of those!


In this episode, we rattle through a ton of great ways to market to a local community (online and offline) but how not to turn away business that’s not local.  We did a mini analysis of Michelle’s website so it could do a better job leveraging her differentiators and enticing those who are ready to do business with her to engage with her.  We also discussed why video marketing is a very strong strategy for Michelle and how she could use it to marry her love for educational content marketing with her biggest differentiator…herself!  We even go into a favorite strategy of mine to really put a strong personal touch on those people seeking out Michelle’s services to clinch the deal!  


Michelle is awesome and I know you’re going to LOVE this episode, so enjoy!


Find out more about Michelle here → https://southshoreins.com/

These LIVE COACHING SESSIONS are here so you can get deep insight into business issues, ideas and challenges that we all face as we create strategies, solutions and action plans that you can benefit from!  It’s also a great way to see just how transformative it can be to allow another qualified person into your business so you can save time, money and energy that you would normally take figuring it out on your own!  We’re in this together!


If you are interested a strategy session for YOU and YOUR business, check out the different options you have HERE or simply email me at katie@bizwomenrock.com to let me know how I can best serve you! 

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