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Mastering the Mompreneur Mindset with Carissa Hill

Mastering the Mompreneur Mindset with Carissa Hill


I think I officially fell in love with Carissa Hill during this interview.  I had the pleasure of meeting Carissa at Podfest Multimedia Expo in February 2017 and I immediately knew that I had to know her and bring her to you.  Carissa is a genius at using Facebook to significantly grow your business and she teaches her results-driven strategies to clients and students all around the world through her courses.  And we’re not talking a small potatoes business here…she replaced her husband’s annual salary in one week during a course launch.  Yeah.  Super cool, right?  

At the time of this interview, Carissa is the mom of 6 month old Jayden and the reason why I’m so excited for you to listen to our conversation is because she has absolutely refused to believe that she needs to put her business on the back burner in order to be with her son.  She embodies the mindset that she CAN have a thriving, super profitable business AND spend tons of time with her son.  Yes, she talks about how she manages her time.  And yes, she talks about how to best delegate so you can get more done (she actually has a few really impressive tips on how to do this!).  But ultimately, the big takeaway from this episode is how to manifest the business life and mom life of your dreams and developing the MINDSET that makes it all possible!

Check out more about Carissa here → http://carissahill.com.au/

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