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When Art and Business Meet: How Lisa Hetrick of Indigo Jade Art Brings Her Art to the Masses

When Art and Business Meet: How Lisa Hetrick of Indigo Jade Art Brings Her Art to the Masses

I’ve had the privilege of working 1on1 with Lisa Hetrick since the summer of 2017 and what I’ve discovered in that time about her work ethic, her persistance and her devotion to getting her art into the hands of as many people as she possibly can is why she’s my guest today.  


Lisa is the creator of Indigo Jade Art (https://indigojadeart.com/).  She creates art that brings more happiness and joy into the world.  During our conversation, Lisa shares why she decided to bring her art direct to the consumer and how she’s doing that successfully!


She shares how she spent one year creating art for the sake of art…not with the intention to sell it.  This act allowed her to heal from a painful business break up that changed everything for her.  This year allowed her to discover an entirely new style of art that she became dedicated to sharing with the world so each individual who experienced it could heal, find joy and feel uplifted!


We touch on her Instagram strategies, how and why she’s re-organized her website to better help her come up in searches “in the Googly” as Lisa says 😉 and why she decided to put her art on merchandise through Society 6 (https://society6.com/indigojadeart) and add it to her store.  


During this interview, you’ll get a peek inside how Lisa approaches her marketing and business strategy for her artwork so that “the broke artist” is a label she stays far away from!


Check out more about Lisa’s awesome art (and get some for yourself!) here → https://indigojadeart.com/




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