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When Your Back is Against the Wall & You Need to Make Money Fast

How am I going to pay my mortgage next month?

My bank balance is running really low…I need to bring in money!

I have no idea how I’m going to pay my bills…

Let’s talk straight for a sec.

There are seasons of Business that are really, REALLY freaking tough.

Moments that you’re staring at the rising bills and the decreasing bank balances and wonder how the hell am I going to make this work?

And it’s been my experience that there are 5 STEPS you can take to get out of these moments FAST!

But first…a personal story…

Early in my entrepreneurial career, I found myself in this moment. With enough cash in my account to cover my mortgage for 2 more months, a pile of bills I was creatively figuring out how to avoid and absolutely no potential waves of money on the horizon to save me.

And you know what happened?

I did the unthinkable.

I went and got a JOB.

I went to work for someone else for 5 months (while still working full time in our local biz) so I could get myself back to a place where I could breathe again.

I was practical. And by the end of those months, I had earned enough to give me a bit of a cash surplus and pay off chunks of credit card debt.

Ain’t NO SHAME in doing what you have to do, right!?

BUT…looking back, I know that, while I did what I had to do, it was NOT enjoyable. Not one single second of it.

I struggled. I was anxious. I was stressed. I was exhausted. And I absolutely hated it.

Fast forward to last year when I found myself in a similar situation.

I had money in the bank, but our local business was shifting and all of a sudden, our main source of monthly revenue was changing with it.

I took a hard look at MY company and DECIDED that I was going to create reliable revenue that my family could live off of.


Like you had NO OTHER CHOICE but to bring money in for you and your family in any way you possibly could?

I call this moment THE DECIDING MOMENT.

The moment when you realize that your fate and your life is 100% in YOUR HANDS.

And in the DECIDING MOMENT, you have 2 choices.

  1. You can either crumble under the pressure or…
  2. You can take action


But not just any action. Not the kind of action I took years ago that was painful and made me suffer.

Action that would feel good. Action that would keep me relatively stress free. Action that would produce more than just money…it would produce new depths of business wisdom and experiences for me.

I took 5 STEPS OF PURPOSEFUL ACTION that has produced big results for me and my biz!

  • It produced 3 consecutive 5 figure months for me within 30 days of implementing!
  • It attracted more than 30 private clients who wanted to work with me…all of whom have been dream clients!
  • It gave birth to a signature Biz Women Rock Mastermind that has significantly changed the lives of all of the participants!
  • It helped me fill the first Biz Women Rock Retreat that changed the entire trajectory of my business and the businesses of the attendees!
  • It helped me create reliable monthly income that has taken care of my family from the moment I made that decision!


1. Decide. When you decide that you’re going to achieve something, do something, experience something…everything changes. A shift happens in the core part of your being that completely dissolved any other option other than to do it. It’s subtle.

2. Get Clear. Spend the time to get SUPER CLEAR about what it is you really want, what you’re doing, what packages you’re offering and who you best serve.

3. Create an intelligent strategy. Take the time to look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and create a smart strategy on how to get there. What marketing can you do? What creative ways can you close “low hanging fruit?” What do you need to implement now that is going to pay off in 3-4 months? Have a solid plan!

4. Take action. My core value. Ideas and strategies mean nothing until there is action behind it. So take action. Knowing you’re going to mess up. Knowing it’s not going to be perfect. Knowing you may fall flat on your face. Get up. Take more action.

5. Have a daily mindset routine. Train your brain to manifest what you want. Your entire business (and life) experience starts in your head. So take the time to work on your mindset. To turn the gears in your head in the direction of possibility, big dreams and creating anything you could possibly imagine.

I ain’t gonna sugar coat this.

When your back is against the wall and you need to produce results FAST, there is NO TIME for emotions. No time to feel sad, sorry for yourself, frustrated, doubtful or timid.

You just have to ACT.

And then adjust. Tweak. Pivot. And act again.

There is absolutely NO REASON you can’t have the results you want in a short amount of time if you are clear about what you want and take purposeful action towards it!

So, if your back is against the wall and you’re in a situation where you need to create revenue to take care of yourself and your family, follow these 5 steps and tell me what happens!! I’d love to hear!



PS: Getting clarity, strategy and into action is exactly what my private clients get when they work with me! If you want to find out more about what it would look like to work with me 1 on 1 so you can produce the results you want in your business, then let’s chat! Please email me Katie@bizwomenrock.com and we can set up a 15 min chat!

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