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What Can Happen When You Take the Word “Hard” Out of Your Vocabulary

How many times a day do you say the word “hard?”

I was interviewing the fabulous Carissa Hill recently (her interview on the podcast is officially LIVE…you can listen here!) and I asked her how in the world she is able to grow a multi-six figure business (she had a recent launch than earned her over $500k alone!) and be a mom of a 6 month old. Yes, you read that right…6 months old. I thought she would tell me about how she organizes her time (which she eventually did) or the manner in which she prioritizes (she shares this too), but she didn’t do that right away. What immediately came out as her answer was that she trains her mind to believe it’s all possible. And that she started this training by eliminating the word HARD from her vocabulary.

Instead of saying, “it’s so HARD to do X,” or “it’s so HARD sometimes!” she exchanges it with the world CHALLENGING. “Because a challenge is something I can get excited about overcoming. A challenge I know I can move through,” she stated.

Which got me thinking…

True success – being able to have the business and life of your dreams – starts in the mind. Of that I’m 100% sure and you’ve most likely heard me say that 1000 times. But, these “little” practices, these small details are where the big changes happen. Because these tiny, incremental practices and habits add up to huge things!

It’s just like health and fitness. While there are cases out there of dramatic, changing my entire life in one day, type of scenarios, most people who live healthy lifestyles do it by instilling small habits that add up. Choosing to eat broccoli instead of french fries, choosing to go on a walk during a conference call instead of sitting…that kind of thing.

So, here are a few of my “little things,” that I do to train my mind for possibilities and abundance…

  1. 1. I’ve programmed “Financial Freedom Buddy” as the name of my husband’s company in my phone, so when he called, I see Chris, Financial Freedom Buddy every time he calls.
  2. Just like Carissa, I’ve taken the word HARD out of my vocabulary.
  3. I’ve exchanged the term “I can’t do that!” to “how can I make this happen?”
  4. I journal every single morning and “write into the future” what I want.
  5. I wrote my 2017 word on a piece of paper and posted it on my wall next to my desk. My word is BIG. I see it every day.
  6. I stopped complaining. I have one person I really vent to (my sis) so I can get it all out, and with anyone else, I always, always talk about what’s going on with me with a positive, what am I learning from this spin.

7.I stopped following people I was starting to see as competitors. I initially told myself that these were people I wanted to watch to strategically see what they were doing, but once I felt those feelings of inadequacy and comparison creeping in, I completely stopped following them on social media and opted out of their email lists.

How about you? What do you do to protect your mind and ensure you have the business of your dreams?



PS: All the “little things” add up. In our minds and in implementation. This is certainly true for my coaching clients! One of them just told me last week that she’s officially at “E” (my term, not hers). Equilibrium. This means she has as much money coming in on a recurring basis that she needs to hit her nut every month. Can you imagine how awesome that feels? To KNOW that you don’t have to chase down a big number every single month? To know you can put your focus on strategic growth that allows things to take off into the stratosphere for you?

And you know what she told me when I asked her about it? “It’s all the little things, Katie. All the little tweaks and adjustments we’ve made in our coaching sessions week after week.” (paraphrased).

I did the happy coaches dance. lol!

If you are ready to have the “little things” add up to BIG MILESTONES for you and your business, then HIT REPLY and let’s talk about how I can help you through coaching and strategizing!

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