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BWR 199: Getting Your Business Online and Continuing to Evolve With Racheal Cook

How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS?

Listen to our Interview with Racheal Cook of Yogipreneur to Find Out!

Racheal Cook’s entrepreneurial story starts with corporate burnout.  Like serious, she had to take medical leave kind of burnout!  Three months into her healing, which included daily yoga classes, her yoga teacher asked her for help with her business.  Her background in business and finance ensured she was wonderfully successful at this first attempt to be a coach and her business started from there!  She now has a thriving online business with the Yogipreneur, offering online coaching and educational programs to yogis (yoga teachers) to help them grow their businesses.  In this inspiring interview, Racheal tells her evolution story and about all the different phases she’s gone through in her company.  She gives some great insider tips on how to structure online education programs and shares the new direction her business is now taking!


Racheal’s Kick-A$$ Quotes:

If my life is toxic, then I need to redesign my life.

Entrepreneurship is a hard path if you’re not willing to do some deep inner work.



Find out more about Racheal & Yogipreneur!

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So You Want to Be an Online Entrepreneur?

Complete with financial freedom and location independence? Then learning how to launch your business brand SUCCESSFULLY online is a must! Whether your products and services exist yet or not, whether you’ve already been selling online or are still mulling around a few ideas, this book gives you concrete steps to solidify your brand, test your market and build a community of loyal customers who will be hungry for the products and services you have to offer!



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