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I Had an Eating Disorder…

I was recently interviewed on the Weight Loss Nation podcast and as I was telling the story of my health journey, I shared that I developed a pretty bad eating disorder in my 20’s (you can listen to the entire interview HERE that will explain why and tell you the whole story). 


Here’s the short version…


…I grew up in a family who shows love with food (who doesn’t?!) 😉


…I was a dedicated athlete.


…I gained the “college 50+” (at my max I was probably 220lbs!)


…I developed a pretty nasty eating disorder in order to lose this weight.


…I joined a 12 step program to help me dig out of that horrible season of my life.


…Over the years, I’ve created my own version of a healthy lifestyle that allows me to thrive and feel truly FREE in my body today!


I’m telling you all of this because, as I was telling that story on the podcast, I realized how long it’s been since I’ve thought about this season of my life.  


And how PAINFUL it was.


It was a constant, intense battle of falling, picking myself back up, becoming wiser, trying new things, failing, getting up, trying again, wanting to give up and slip back into destructive habits, committing again and so on and so on.


There were moments when I felt that my intense focus on food, exercise and my emotions would be my norm forever.  That my entire life would be spent in the cycle of two steps forward and one step back.


But I was wrong.


More than a decade later, telling this story, I was shocked by how far away it all felt.  In time and in intensity.  


(So far away, in fact, that most people are shocked to hear it!  Because I never really talk about this season because I am so far past it!)


These days, I have a perfectly healthy relationship with food and exercise today and it’s an area of my life that I manage pretty easily.  


I wake up every day knowing exactly what I need to do to FEEL GREAT in my body.  


Many times I do those things.  Sometimes I don’t.  


But overall, I thrive. And it’s EASY.  


I am in TOTAL FLOW.  


Isn’t that what we all want in our businesses?




To show up every single day knowing exactly what to do to produce the RESULTS we really desire?


To feel CONFIDENT that we know how to manage the ups and downs well?


To get out of the feeling of INTENSITY all the time and into “smoother waters?”


To have it be EASY and feel IN FLOW?


When I told this story the other day, I realized that I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS.


I already know how to move past seasons of intensity to smoother waters.  


I already know how to completely transform HOW I show up in my life in order for me to have the life I really want.  


I already know what it’s like to BE IN FLOW in an area of my life that means so much to me.


So, if I can do it for ONE area of my life, I can do it for ALL areas of my life.


Including my business.




What have you gone through in your past that will remind you that you already have what it takes to create the business of your dreams?


There are times when this business journey is INTENSE.  You feel like you’re constantly falling, picking yourself back up, becoming wiser, trying new things, failing, getting up, trying again, wanting to give up and slip back into destructive habits, committing again and so on and so on.


And it may seem like this season will last forever.  That this is just a part of choosing the life of an entrepreneur.  


But that’s not true.


While your “dream biz” is not a static destination (just like a “dream body” isn’t a static destination), what DOES exist is a SEASON OF THRIVING.  A time when things ARE easy and you CAN manage the ups and downs relatively smoothly and things DO fall into place and everything seems pretty HEALTHY.  And the more you experience this season, the more you want to evolve to make it last as long as possible!


So anytime you’re experiencing an INTENSE SEASON in your business, a time when you just want to give up or you’re doing the “two steps forward, one step back” dance, go back and remember a time in your life when you conquered something you thought you’d never get through…




I love you…


~ Katie


PS: Together, we can ROCK the world!


PPS: If you’re in an “intense season” in your business right now and want support getting out of it as fast as possible so you can move onto SMOOTH WATERS, working 1on1 with a mentor and strategist may be exactly what you need!  I’ve had the pleasure of helping my clients, incredible biz women just like you, get out of tough times AND into strategically building the business of their dreams!!!  If you’re ready to THRIVE, email me at katie@bizwomenrock.com and let’s talk about how I can best help you!


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