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LIVE COACHING: I’ve Sunk a Lot of Money Into this Biz and I Have to Make It Work with Jenn Swanson

LIVE COACHING: I’ve Sunk a Lot of Money Into this Biz and I Have to Make It Work with Jenn Swanson


Jenn Swanson is the diva behind the Communication Diva.  She provides career education and coaching to women and men who are making a career change or jumping back into the job force after being out of it for awhile.  


Jenn truly is a diva and helps her clients create amazing results!  Except there’s one problem: she’s not making enough money in the business.  She has put in so much of her time and money into it over the past few years and she’s frustrated and wondering when she’s going to make that turning point…when it’s finally going to “make it!”


During this LIVE COACHING CALL, I help Jenn dissect who she really is, what she offers and how and who her products and services are actually ideal for.  Her answers all point us to a big conclusion…she needs to rebrand.  


Immediately this might sound scary and big, but we actually come up with a new name during the conversation and create real, actionable activities that Jenn can do to help her solidify this even more.  


This LIVE COACHING CALL is perfect for you if you’re putting out great content, but can’t figure out why more people aren’t purchasing your products or services (i.e. you’re not attracting the income you really want!).


You can check out more about Jenn here: https://www.communicationdiva.com/


These LIVE COACHING SESSIONS are here so you can get deep insight into business issues, ideas and challenges that we all face as we create strategies, solutions and action plans that you can benefit from!  It’s also a great way to see just how transformative it can be to allow another qualified person into your business so you can save time, money and energy that you would normally take figuring it out on your own!  We’re in this together!



If you are interested a strategy session for YOU and YOUR business, check out the different options you have HERE or simply email me at katie@bizwomenrock.com to let me know how I can best serve you!




Ready to create some MASSIVE RESULTS for your biz in 2018? Then the Biz Women Rock Retreat was designed just for you!

The Biz Women Rock Retreat is your opportunity to focus on YOU for 3 days! How often do you have uninterrupted time to fully envision what you want your business to BE, the RESULTS you want it to produce and strategize on HOW to make it all happen?

The Biz Women Rock Retreat is the perfect combination of intensive exercises, group masterminds, partner shares, goal setting, annual planning, accountability and FUN!

Throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Katie will lead you through strategic exercises that will assist you in solidifying your 2018 business vision, extract SMART goals that will pave the way to your success, create a doable action plan that proactively drives your scheduled activities for the year and glues you together with an intimate group of business women who can join your 2018 Success Team!

Weaved throughout the weekend are opportunities for you to indulge in massages, Reiki sessions, and pool & hot tub time! Yes, we’ll be working, but also truly giving ourselves a retreat!

This is an intimate, powerful experience with you and your fellow Biz Women, so RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!!


I can’t wait to see you there!

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