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BWR 109: Maggie Patterson: Richard Branson Loves Her Marketing Moxie!

How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS?

Listen to our Interview with Maggie Patterson  of Maggie Patterson Communications to find out!

Maggie Patterson will rock your world with her attitude! After working corporate PR for years with the sole purpose of learning the skills she needed to start her own company, her own Marketing and PR agency has thrived. She’s also the creator of the Marketing Moxie podcast.  In this inspiring interview, she discusses the different phases her company has been through (going from all corporate clients to small business clients), how she delegates so effectively, and how she creates amazing content herself that gets featured in places like Richard Branson’s blog, the Huffington Post and Duct Tape Marketing!


Maggie’s Kick-A$$ Quotes:

I lead by giving without the expectation of receiving.

You can’t get too addicted to the accomplishment, you just have to keep moving.

It’s really important you get down to what your core values are, what your core genius is and figure out what’s going to work for you to promote yourself.

Maggie’s Favorite 5:

1. Business Tool: Basecamp

2.Book: Everybody Writes by Ann Handley (get a free audio of this book now!)

3. Thing she loves to do in her biz: write!

4. Online tool/app: Magic 8 Ball app

5. Adventure: Fiji vacay with her hubby


Find out more about Maggie and Maggie Patterson Communications!

Maggie Patterson Website


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