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PODCASTING FOR YOUR BIZ: Growing Your Know, Like and Trust Factor with Elizabeth DiAlto of Untame Your Wild Soul Radio

PODCASTING FOR YOUR BUSINESS | Growing Your Know, Like and Trust Factor with Elizabeth DiAlto of Untame Your Wild Soul Radio

The PODCASTING FOR YOUR BUSINESS SERIES is HERE!  This series is chalk-full of information for anyone who wants to start a podcast and anyone who is currently podcasting who wants to make their podcast work better for their business!  This series shares the world of podcasting with you through a variety of angles including networks, engaging your audience, the super niche, monetizing, impacting industries and so much more.  It also features a special RESOURCE GUIDE – an audio directory of podcasting products and services that can help you along your own podcasting journey!


GROWING YOUR KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST FACTOR WITH ELIZABETH DIALTO OF UNTAME YOUR WILD SOUL RADIO. Elizabeth DiAlto launched her podcast a year after she launched her business Untame Yourself.  She provided coaching, group mentoring and retreats.  When I asked her about the immediate impact of her podcast on her business, she answered immediately…ENGAGEMENT.  When I asked more specifics about what she meant by that, she dove into a beautiful story about how intimate podcasting is and how it allows her to have incredible conversations with her listeners as they gather in her Facebook Group, send her emails (she reads one at the end of this interview as a PERFECT encapsulation of why she continues to podcast!) and take her up on her offers.  Elizabeth is the perfect example of successfully incorporating a podcast and a business so they work seamlessly together! You can find out more about Elizabeth at http://untameyourself.com.


Resources Mentioned:

Podfest Multimedia Expo: The best podcast conference for Independents and digital influencers!  February 23-25 in Orlando, Florida.  This conference is a MUST!  Click HERE to register and use your code bwr to get a massive deal! http://podfest.us



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