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The Power of Storytelling and The Biz Results It Brings with Dawn Fraser

The Power of Storytelling and The Biz Results It Brings with Dawn Fraser



Dawn Fraser blew my mind on today’s episode and I know you’ll feel the same way after listening.  Because we’re not just talking about “how to be a better speaker” or “how to build a speaking business,” we’re talking about storytelling.  The art of a story…of your story…and how infusing your marketing, your website, your talks and your conversations with YOUR STORY is a seriously powerful way to grow your business.


Why?  Because sharing our stories gives us an opportunity to deepen CONNECTION.  And it’s that connection that drives the “know, love and trust” factor through the roof!  


And it won’t take you very long to see why Dawn is such a genius at storytelling.  She’s been teaching and coaching others on the power of storytelling for a long time, works with The Moth, has a show and upcoming podcast Barbershop Stories, has given a tremendous TED talk and works with so many entrepreneurs who want to better infuse storytelling into their business so they can have better results.


During our conversation, Dawn walks us through the actual elements of a great story (the 5 beats or narrative arc), which will immediately make you think of your favorite movie and how well they followed this formula!  And we also get into being vulnerable…what questions to ask yourself when you know you want to share stories about yourself but don’t quite know if you should or how you should.  I even share about a super low moment I had in my business as a great example of how and when to share vulnerably!


This episode itself has a beautiful narrative arc to it AND will give you practical steps to start infusing your own story into your business immediately!


To find out more about Dawn, check out her website here → http://www.dawnjfraser.com/






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