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ROCK Your Retreat Workshop!

ROCK Your Retreat
How to Host a Successful & PROFITABLE Retreat!


You know you’ve envisioned it.  You and a dozen of your favorite clients sitting around drinking a glass of wine as you watch the sunset, everyone laughing and bonding after a full day of you doing what you LOVE – teaching, facilitating…giving away your brilliant knowledge.  

And they love you for it!

You see it, right?  You see the excitement and hope in each attendee’s face.  You see how happy you are, providing value in a relaxed environment – maybe on the beach or up in the mountains.

It all sounds so…perfect.


Retreats – when not done right – can be messy, stressful and financially DRAINING!

They can…

  • Take your time and energy away from your core business (i.e take your eye off the golden goose that feeds you!)
  • COST you more money than you make on them!
  • Force you into the role of “event planner” instead of spending your time doing what you love in your business!
  • Be super stressful as you figure out how to fill up the spots you need!  Not only to bring in money but to make sure there are enough people in attendance to make it valuable for everyone!

After 8 years of hosting events, I knew ONE THING when the vision of my Retreat came up.

It wasn’t nearly as sexy in reality as it was in my head.

And that in order to make that vision a reality – and make money on it – I had to do it RIGHT!

And I did.  

The 2016 Biz Women Rock Retreat had 11 amazing attendees, the perfect content ideal for everyone and brought over $50,000 into my business!  All with ONE EVENT!

These results were not magic.  They were created because I followed a very specific roadmap that I knew would bring me success!

I want YOU to have that roadmap!

That’s why I’m hosting the…

How to Host a Successful and PROFITABLE Retreat!
Dec 14 2pm-4pm EST


Rock Your Retreat is an online workshop packed with the STEP BY STEP information you need to manifest and execute what could be one of the most powerful, impactful and profitable offerings in your business!

You’ll learn…

  • How to know if your community is ready for a retreat (and what to do if they’re not and you still want to do one!)
  • How to manifest the PERFECT people to attend your retreat!
  • The ideal marketing strategies that will get people buying tickets FAST!
  • How to find the best location!
  • How to come up with the absolute BEST content to deliver so your attendees will be transformed and GRATEFUL!
  • How to price your retreat tickets!
  • How to plan the logistics of the event (what to do yourself and what to hire out!)
  • How to sell sponsorships (and why you should!)
  • What is worth spending good money on and what’s not!
  • The secrets to finding revenue opportunities that are right under your nose!
  • The mistakes I made and what I would do differently go get even better results!

From start to finish, every part of the Biz Women Rock Retreat was well thought out, optimally strategized and carefully constructed – which not only set it up for success but allowed it to be incredibly creative and FUN for everyone!

Hosting your retreat could be the BEST thing you do for your business in 2017!

You’ll also receive…

  • My easy Retreat Financial Tracker to make sure you see what’s going out and what’s coming in!
  • My Master Retreat Checklist so nothing falls through the cracks!
  • My Quick List of Resources – the product and service providers I use and trust so you don’t have to search for them!

When done right, your retreat can…

  • Create your BIGGEST and most DEVOTED supporters!
  • Create massive buzz for your business and the services you offer!
  • Give those who didn’t attend the I wish I were there! feeling!
  • Automatically create a bullpen of RAVING FANS who are ready to invest in your offerings!
  • Give you an opportunity to launch a completely new part of your business that can have a huge impact on its future!
  • Profit!  Profiting well off of first time events seems to be a rarity…it doesn’t have to be for you!

Imagine what it would look like on the last day of your retreat: you standing powerfully in front of the room, looking at the light in the eyes of each of your attendees, feeling so proud and grateful that you gave them everything they needed (and more!), knowing you were fully present with them throughout the entire experience and feeling invigorated by the new opportunities it’s given you to grow your business even more!

Join Me!
Dec 14 2pm-4pm EST


Whether your retreat is meant for RELAXATION, EDUCATION, or SERVICE…whether you’re bringing together your CLIENTS, STRATEGIC PARTNERS or PEERS, Rock Your Retreat will give you the complete roadmap that you’ll need to hit it out of the park!

Rock Your Retreat was made for you if you…

  • Already have a Retreat as part of your plan in the upcoming months
  • Want to meet with your clients, strategic partners or vendors in an intimate, powerful way!
  • Want to be seen as a leader in your industry who can make an in-person event a part of your regular offerings!
  • Have a burning desire to teach your methodologies in a group setting because you know they will provide tremendous value to others!
  • Want to create opportunities for BIG financial impacts for your company in a multitude of ways!

Dec 14 2pm-4pm EST


** Can’t make it LIVE but you need this information?  Register today and you’ll have complete access to the entire education and tools digitally!  Yours to access at your convenience!

Want your attendees to post things like this?




And connecting like this?

img_4387 img_4634 screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-1-38-33-pm screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-1-36-13-pm

And giving testimonials like this?


Then join me for the ROCK YOUR RETREAT workshop!


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