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So Much to Do and So Little Time (and the ONE KEY To Getting it Done) + a BONUS!

Ever feel like you need to clone yourself? Like life would be wonderful if you just didn’t have to sleep? If you could just have a bit more time?

You’re not alone.

Wanting more time – to me – means that you want to do more good. You want to spend more time growing your business because you love it. You want to spend more time with family and friends. You want to spend more time actually doing the things you say are important to you (volunteering, working out, going on adventures, helping people, etc.).

And I LOVE YOU for this.

But…truth time: you can’t clone yourself.

But what you can do is make more of the important stuff happen.

MORE clients and customers.
MORE money.
MORE fun.
MORE energy.
MORE love.
MORE time with family.
MORE laugher.
MORE impact!

It requires one thing.


This overused buzzword is the key for us all.

Duh, Katie…I know I need focus!

Of course you do! But I’m sure that you also know that everything you do to GET FOCUSED seems to wane after hours, days, weeks, months…right?

So, let’s say you came up with some pretty amazing goals you wanted to accomplish in 2017 13 days ago. More than likely, you have gotten a bit out of focus on any or all of those as the days have passed.

Because life happened.

Your daily responsibilities took over.

Other things had to jump to the front of the priority list.

Am I right?

(Believe me, I only know I’m right because it happens to me!).

But what if I told you there is a methodology behind getting FOCUSED for the long haul? Getting FOCUSED in a way that assists you in achieving the BIG THINGS that are important in your life? Checking those things off the list over and over and over again in a way that makes the biggest impact on your life and the life of those you serve?

It’s called the ONE THING.

The ONE THING (based off of the book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan) is all about prioritization to the MAX and getting super clear on the one thing that – above all else – would make the most impact in your business right now. And then going after that ONE THING with all your might and energy and focus every single day.

But this isn’t just about prioritization.

What makes our goals STICK and our FOCUS stay are a smart combination of the following…

  1. Support – having others around you so you can reach out for help, ask questions and yes…vent.
  2. Accountability – having others around you who are holding a mirror up to your face and ever-so-nicely reminding you to do the things you said you were going to do.
  3. Education – educating yourself about the most important and impactful things you need to know to move yourself forward.
  4. Regular check ups – routinely showing up and checking in on your progress. Adjust if needed.

Recently, I had a member of the Biz Women Rock community ask me, “Katie, this New Year Jumpstart Program sounds interesting, but will it distract me from everything else I’m working on right now?”

To which I replied that the New Year Jumpstart Program was the opposite of distracting! That it was exactly what ANYONE who has created big goals for 2017 would need to ensure they stay FOCUSED on all the great things they’ve begun working on for this year! That it would beef up their results because of the SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY, EDUCATION AND REGULAR CHECK UPS!

If YOU are ready to get FOCUSED for good and make that focus work for you to move your business powerfully in the direction of those big 2017 goals you created, then NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!


Join me and an intimate group of amazing business women in the New Year Jumpstart 6 Week Group Program!

It includes…

  • Weekly topic-driven calls, complete with exercises and purposeful action plans!
  • A Private Facebook Group to gather with your fellow students, sharing your goals, your struggles, getting support and accountability!
  • Weekly exercises that will optimize the lessons and get you deeper results!
  • Weekly homework that will keep you ON-TARGET and FOCUSED!
  • Access to an Accountability Partner who you can support and who will support you!
  • 24 hour access to me within our Private Facebook Group! I’m available to answer any questions or give feedback!
  • Completely FREE access to my FACEBOOK GROUPS ROCK eCourse ($197 value)! An invaluable tool to help you grow your community through a Facebook Group!

And HUGE BONUS!!! The next 5 people who register will get UPGRADED to the FREE VIP Experience!! That includes 2 hours of 1on1 time with me ($547 value) to create your master action plan and access to my Rock Your Retreat eCourse ($397 value)!

That’s almost $1,000 in EXTRA BONUSES when you reserve your spot at the general price of $597 (and you can even do it in 2 payments…seriously, I don’t want money to be the reason you don’t do this!).

So, what are you waiting for? The New Year Jumpstart STARTS ON MONDAY and only these last few spots are available!

Reserve your spot today and automatically get upgraded to the VIP EXPERIENCE!

Can’t wait to see you next week!

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