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The Kung Fu Panda Lesson: You Be You

You would not believe how many amazing life lessons there are in kids animated movies. 😉


Yesterday, I was watching Kung Fu Panda 3 with Sedona and one of the scenes hit me particularly hard with the giant business lesson it shared.


And it made me think of you.




Who is running your own business.


Who loves what you do and just wants to do it better.


Who sometimes feels confused or unfocused about what to do next.


Who sometimes feels the heaviness of fear and uncertainty and does your best not to let it take you down.


Who could talk about your business for days if given the opportunity!


Who sometimes gets judgemental about who/where you are compared to others.




Here’s the lesson.


In the movie, Po (the Panda who is a relatively new Kung Fu warrior and is still developing his greatness) is given the task by his master to teach Kung Fu.  


In his first few attempts, he fails horribly.  His students get hurt.  He flat out sucks at giving instructions.  And it looks like total chaos.  


His students lose respect for him and he is defeated.  He resolves that he will never be able to teach Kung Fu.


Fast forward in the movie, Po is encouraged by his family of Pandas that they will help him defeat Kai (the bad guy).  But to do so, he must teach them Kung Fu.


“I can’t teach you Kung Fu!” he exclaims to his Panda father.  “I can’t even teach Tigress Kung Fu and she already knows Kung Fu!”


“Teach us to be just like you,” his dad implored.


And then it hit him.


He couldn’t teach them to be just like him.


But he could teach them to be the best versions of THEMSELVES.


And the same is true for your journey as an entrepreneur.


Your job as a business owner is not to grow mimik the “success stories” of other business owners.


It’s not to have your business look exactly like someone else’s.  


It’s not to show up on social media just like someone else in your industry is.


It’s not to write sales copy that is the perfect “formula” for conversions.


It’s not to sit on local boards of organizations just because everyone else is doing that.


Your job as a business owner is to BECOME THE BEST YOU you can be!


And then get busy BEING YOU in your marketing, your conversations, your branding, your products and services, your visibility, your offerings, etc.

(which is why, by the way, that I’m a big believer in journaling as a daily practice…because it’s a powerful tool to help you be quiet and know yourself intimately!)

The Kung Fu Panda lesson resonated with me on a different level too.  


Because I, just like Po, have chosen a life where I have the privilege of helping others BRING OUT THE BEST IN THEMSELVES.  


And nowhere is this more obvious than the Biz Women Rock Mastermind.


As I sat in the final Closing Celebration call earlier this week with the participants of this past Mastermind, it hit me that my job has been to help each of these fabulous women become the best versions of themselves…all while facilitating them lifting each other up.  


If I showed up to my Masterminds with the intention to “teach” how I do business and expect that mold to fit for everyone – heck, if I showed up that way to the Biz Women Rock community at all – I would be doing you a giant disservice.  


Because your business is not the exact same as my business.  




Your business – YOU – have your own needs, passions, strengths, weaknesses and goals.  


Which is why Masterminds are SO ridiculously powerful.  Because they act as a safe space where you can bring YOU and develop YOU as your fellow women business owners hold that space for you, honor you, support you, challenge you and help you.


And my job is to constantly shine YOUR LIGHT back at you so you can be reminded over and over again of who YOU are so you can make the best business decisions for YOUR BUSINESS!


If you want to get an inside look at what really happens in a Mastermind, check out the Inside a Mastermind: Insights from Participants of the Biz Women Rock Mastermind Facebook Live Series!  


If you think a Mastermind might be the exact resource you need to make MAJOR leaps in your business in 2018, then read more about the Biz Women Rock Mastermind HERE and apply today!






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