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Top Strategies That Make My Life as a Mompreneur Work: A Special Kickoff to the Mompreneur Series

Top Strategies That Make My Life as a Mompreneur Work: A Special Kickoff to the Mompreneur Series

This is a special solo episode where I get to officially kick off the Mompreneur Series!  I do this by sharing with you a bit about my journey as a mompreneur and mostly the strategies and tricks I use to make my life as an entrepreneur and mom work!

Ready to Have the Business of Your Dreams?

You’re working hard.  You’re putting your time into growing your business.  And some days, it totally rocks!  You’re in your flow, money is coming in and so many great things are coming your way!

And some days…it sucks.  You’re putting out fires, dealing with challenging clients or vendors, or struggling to bring in the money you need.

The secret to creating a SUPER SUCCESSFUL business (and the life of your dreams) is embracing the fact that this is a journey with lots of highs and lots of lows.  That there is no “end,” no point at which you will ever be satisfied.  That no matter how savvy you become, there will always be new challenges to deal with and new lessons to learn.  And that’s a GREAT THING!

It’s a great thing because once you accept that, the anxiety you have to get to the “finish line” gets replaced with the wisdom to seek out the necessary elements you need to make your journey an enjoyable and worthwhile one!


  1. Targeted Education.  Because you’re already on the entrepreneurial path (ie. you do not need the education to start your business), you can focus 100% of your attention on the content that will help you GROW strategically.  Your job is to find reliable education that fits the needs of your growing company and fills in the gaps of your knowledge.  And because you’re already busy running your business, it’s vital that you spend your time in the most effective ways…making sure that the education you’re investing in is specific to the needs you have and the results you want to create.
  1. Your Community of Like-Minded People. There is no way I can ever express how important it is to surround yourself with the people who are like you – who believe in utilizing the vehicle of their businesses to make an impact on the world.  Who get juiced up from helping others.  Who believe they can live the life that they choose because of the freedom their business gives them.  Who don’t mess around with “I can’t” or “it’s too hard” statements, but just get to ACTION.  Who want financial abundance and are driven to build their businesses because it allows them to live out a purpose!  Finding your community of like-minded people is what makes this journey FUN and EXCITING!  And true success is not possible without it!

This is why I created the Biz Women Rock ELITE!

Because I believe that every business woman who truly wants success should have these two elements in abundance and in one simple place.


Learn more about the Biz Women Rock ELITE here and find out if this special community is exactly what you need to manifest your biggest business dreams!


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4 Responses to Top Strategies That Make My Life as a Mompreneur Work: A Special Kickoff to the Mompreneur Series

  • I hadn’t had time to listen to this one and it just touched my heart! Thank you for sharing your story, Katie. You are an amazing mompreneur! LOVE!

  • I love what you are doing! I own 2 businesses (21 years old and 6 years old) and have been a hands on mom to 2 sons now almost 17 and 20. It is indeed a journey and your kids need different thIngs from you at every stage, just like your business needs different things from you at every stage. Supportive communities are essential because there will be plenty of doubters, haters, and judgers along the way. Keep going!!

    • Marissa, thanks for commenting and sharing! Yes, constantly evolving, right!? So glad you’re enjoying this!

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