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Want More Sales? Take the Time to Tweak Your Personal Brand with Monaica Ledell of Truth Hacking

Want More Sales? Take the Time to Tweak Your Personal Brand with Monaica Ledell of Truth Hacking


It took me all of 3 seconds to get a girl crush on Monaica Ledell.  And when you listen to our very impassioned conversation about why PERSONAL BRANDING is so important to getting the business results you want, you’ll most likely have a crush too.  😉  Monaica is the President of Truth Hacking, an unconventional branding and sales positioning company.  She’s helped her clients bring in over $10 million in revenue and it’ll be no surprise as to why once you’ve listened.  During this interview, Monaica talks about why personal branding is so much more deep and intimate than your logo, the colors you use and even the words you use to describe yourself.  


Once you do this work, Monaica says (and I agree), it puts you in a bubble where no one else can touch you.  There’s no such thing as competition.  


But where do you start?  Monaica talks you through some practical questions to ask yourself that will uncover answers to help you tweak your own personal brand.  And in her opinion, once you make those small turns on the dial, then all the tools you have at your fingertips – your emails, your copywriting, your livestreams, your funnels – reveal how they should be puzzled together to create the results you want.  


Find out more about Monaica and Truth Hacking here: http://truthhacking.com


And check out more about Monaica’s “side project” we discuss a bit here: http://mommybreadwinner.com.  




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