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The Massive Benefits of Having a Signature Offering with Racheal Cook

The Massive Benefits of Having a Signature Offering with Racheal Cook

Ever since I had Racheal Cook on the podcast years ago (http://bizwomenrock.com/getting-your-business-online-and-continuing-to-evolve-with-racheal-cook/), I’ve had an immense respect for how she chooses to do business.  Holistic.  Slow and steady.  Heart-centered.  Brilliant.  Which is why I wanted to bring her on the show again today.  


During our conversation, we discuss the difference between an “entrepreneur” and “business owner” and how powerful making that distinction can be for how you show up in your business every day!  


We also dive deep into the massive benefits of having a signature course or offering!  This is ideal for you whether you’re thinking about an online course or are a service provider thinking about creating a signature offering.  The power of having a productized “thing” that takes people through a process that produces amazing results for them is incredible!!!


And, it makes marketing so much more focused, purposeful and impactful!  Racheal walks through 3 stages of marketing that make so much sense when applied. The point is…FOCUS & CLARITY PRODUCES RESULTS. And when you have a signature offering, all roads of marketing lead to it.  


Brilliant.  🙂


You can check out more about Racheal’s Sweet Spot Strategy here: http://YourSweetSpotStrategy.com.  





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