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Ever wonder what it’s really like inside the heart of a business Mastermind?

Join me as we kick off a special 4 part Facebook Live Series called Inside a Mastermind.
It will feature four incredible women entrepreneurs who have been a part of the Biz Women Rock Masterminds and they’re sharing their own experiences of what really happens inside a Mastermind. 🙂
They’ll share about…
* Where they were in business when they started
* What their goals were
* What they wanted to get out of their Mastermind experience
* Why they decided to do it
* What they got out of the mastermind that was completely unexpected
* An update on how they did with their goals by the end
* Their inside view of the entire experience!


Inside a Mastermind: Part 1

Ever wonder what it’s really like inside the heart of a business Mastermind?

Today, my guest was the amazing Tina Conroy of The Intuitive Woman.







Inside a Mastermind: Part 2

There are so many ways people are using the word “Mastermind” to provide support for entrepreneurs these days. Which is why I want to make sure you know exactly how the Biz Women Rock Masterminds work – from the Inside Out – so you can be educated about this phenomenal resource at your fingertips!

Today, my guest will be Kim Birbrower of Big Picture Educational.








Inside a Mastermind: Part 3

Today, I’m so happy to be featuring the amazing Allie Weitzel. She’s the owner of Summit Business Team, a company that helps small business owners with bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and accounting and overall financial strategies.

When Allie started the Biz Women Rock Mastermind in July 2017, her business focus was getting rattled by…life

(life happens, right?). Six months later, Allie has gained so much more than focus. She’s gained an entirely new way to show up to her business AND life so they can all thrive!

I’m chatting with Allie about what life inside a Mastermind really looked like for her!








Inside a Mastermind Part 4: From an Entrepreneur Mindset to a Business Owner Mindset

Wait, what?  I thought “entrepreneur” and “business owner” meant the same thing?


Not according to my good friend and Mastermind participant, Heather Robertson-Devine.  She’s the owner of Books del Sur, a phenomenal company that supplies schools with authentic Spanish books to support dual language programs around the country!


Heather will be the first to share that when share that when she began the Biz Women Rock Masterminds in 2017, she was showing up to her business with the mindset of “oh, this little business I have,” even though her company had all the markers of “successful” to anyone looking in.


Six months later, Heather has a very different mindset and approach to her business.


And in today’s INSIDE A MASTERMIND SERIES, she’s talked about why and how that shift occurred for her!









Strategic growth CAN create exponential results…IF you have the right structure and take the right actions!

And that’s what you’ll get in the 2018 Biz Women Rock Mastermind!

Because when you CHOOSE to put the right FOCUS, ATTENTION and ACTIONS into your business, you create massive impact for your revenues, your clients and your life!


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